Volume 3 - Puerto Rico Area 4
The South

Dive stores in the south have access to sites along the drop-off caused by the continental shelf, which runs parallel to Puerto Rico’s south coast. This side of the island has significantly less rainfall than the north and east, so rainwater run-off does not reduce visibility and the depth of the wall means that swells do not stir up the bottom. Generally visibility is good to excellent along this coast.

Of course, the diving along the wall is quite similar across sites, but there are localised differences in terrain and marine life. Some sites have deep crevices in the wall; in places, chunks of the wall have broken away; parts of the wall have been inhabited with deepwater sea fans, creating a lacy curtain of coral, whereas other areas have been colonised by hard boulder and star corals.

Ponce has the additional asset of Caya de Muertos (coffin island), a nature reserve 10 miles offshore. The name belies the charm of an island deserted apart from two live-in Park Rangers and a whole host of animals, birds and marine life. The dive sites around it are relatively shallow making it a good spot for a second dive, and the island itself is fun to explore and has lovely beaches where you can enjoy a picnic lunch.

Guánica is closest to the Wall sites, having several spots within 15 minutes of leaving the dock. This means that when the sea state is rough, the dive boat can get back to the dock for the surface interval.

La Parguera. Access to the Wall is also a fairly short boat ride and there are very many sites off La Parguera, all with something slightly different to offer, and you can experience a night snorkel in a phosphorescent bay.

See the book for 25 pages describing this area’s 20 dive sites and 5 dive stores, plus lots of information about the island, après dive activities, diving rules and regulations and marine life.

Checkout dive site 77 - Canyons

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