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Guadeloupe has over 150 miles of coastline, and although not all of it offers good diving, the extent of the coastline means that there are several discrete diving areas. Basse Terre has the most diving and the largest number of operators.

Basse Terre: The west coast of Basse Terre is steep sided and almost every headland would make a good dive.

Pigeon Island: Pigeon Island is the site of the Cousteau Marine Park. Despite its popularity as a dive destination, the marine life is in good condition. All the sites are buoyed and this has obviously contributed greatly to the preservation of the reefs. There are also 2 wrecks near Pigeon Island.

Grand Cul de Sac Marin: Several miles of reef have developed in the sheltered waters in the north between the two sides of Guadeloupe. Much of the area has been declared a marine park and access is restricted.

Iles des Saintes: Iles des Saintes has a full complement of diving, which is quite separate from the rest of Guadeloupe’s sites. One of Guadeloupe’s most spectacular sites (see site 27 Sec Pate described below) is north of Iles des Saintes.

Not all of the operators speak English so check the book for details if you do not speak French and want to find an English speaking operator.

See the book for 35 pages describing Guadeloupe’s 27 dive sites and 12 dive operators, plus lots of information about the island, après dive activities, diving rules and regulations and marine life.

Checkout dive site 27 - Sec Pate

1 Tropical Sub

2 Les Explorateurs

3 Club de Plongee Deshaies

4 Chez Guy et Christian

5 Archipel Plongee

6 CIP Guadeloupe

7 Aux Aquanautes Antillais

8 Les Heures Saines

9 Les Baillantes Tortues

10 Blue Dive

11 Dream Diving

12 Centre Nautique

Guadeloupe dive sites and dive operators

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Map updated June 2000

HOT NEWS Updated July 2000

Incorrect location on map

The location of Les Baillantes Tortues is shown incorrectly in the book, check their real location by enlarging the main map.

Whale close-ups

Les Heures Saines is now offering an "encounter the Cetaceans" dive and they have recently introduced nitrox diving. Check out their webpage (link above) for more information.