Volume 3 - British Virgin Islands: Virgin Gorda

The Dogs is the main diving area around Virgin Gorda and there are many interesting features on the fringing reefs around these uninhabited islands. On the sites around the Dogs (see sample site 11) you can dive through tunnels and up chimneys, under arches and in caves (see sample dive below).

Careful exploration by dive operators has revealed the presence of some of the B.V.I.’s secret sites, previously invisible but now visible from the surface by the buoy marking the spot. These dives are underwater rocks and pinnacles, some reaching within a few feet of the surface. The Invisibles, just north of Virgin Gorda, is one of our favourite examples of these hidden sites.

The other major attraction is the Baths, which is a popular snorkelling site and many boats anchor nearby during the day time. You can also get to the Baths from the land, though it is a bit of a scramble. Some extraordinary geological activity generated a maze of huge boulders that capture the sea in clear pools. Along with other visitors, hosts of tropical fish occupy the pools, making it their own Disneyworld. The Baths are quite an experience and should not be missed even at the risk of giving up an afternoon’s diving. (Sacrilege? Maybe, but try it and see if you think we are wrong.)

Dive stores in Virgin Gorda also dive the sites off the small islands lining the Sir Francis Drake Channel (see Tortola) including the famous wreck of the R.M.S. Rhone.

Checkout dive site 11 - The Chimney

Review the other BV islands of Tortola and the Francis Drake Channel

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