Volume 3 - US Virgin Islands: St. Croix

Most of St. Croix's diving is along the north coast, with the remainder on the west.

North: The north coast of St. Croix abuts a deep ocean trench reaching 5,000 feet deep less than 2 miles offshore. Some pretty major earth movements must have taken place to form St. Croix, and Salt River is one of the places where there is evidence of this dramatic activity. Salt River forms a steep-sided canyon where the island has been nearly torn in half (see West and East Walls, sites 9 to 11).

If we close our eyes and think of St. Croix, we see walls draped in plate corals and downy bushes of black corals. Cane Bay Wall dive (see sample dive below) is one of our favourite Caribbean dives.

West: On the west coast, Frederiksted pier is a shelter for the weird and wonderful. If you have never seen a seahorse or a frogfish, have never seen octopus scurrying around at night or do not believe that flying gurnards really fly, equip yourself with a light and head for Frederiksted Pier for a night dive. The west is also where you will find most of St. Croix’s wrecks. One site comprises five wrecks, although it takes two dives to see them all.

See the book for 40 pages describing St. Croix’s 33 dive sites and 7 dive stores, plus lots of information about the island, après dive activities, diving rules and regulations and marine life.

Checkout dive site 19 - Cane Bay Wall

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