Volume 3 - Purto Rico Area 2
The North, San Juan and East Coast

Outer Limit is typical of Culebra’s shallow dives around volcanic rocks encrusted with sessile marine life. On this side of Flamingo Point, the rocks are sharp and angular as if hacked from the land with some urgency. On the other side of the Point, the rocks of Magical Mystery Tour are rounded as if they have been deftly sculpted.

A large colony of brown boobies nests on the adjacent land, reliant on the healthy stocks of fish in the surrounding waters to feed.

Dive Profile

Immediately under the boat a patch of pillar coral sits like Mont Saint Michel, awaiting the tide. The structures formed by pillar coral are always impressive but the furry covering of tiny polyps straining the water for food give this coral an added dimension. If anyone remains sceptical that those lumps of rock we call corals are live animals, just take a close look at the bristling community of a patch of pillar coral.

If you can drag yourself away from the pillar coral and follow the fins of your dive leader, you will find yourself at 50 feet following the outer edge of a row of oblong rocks running away from the shore. They are far enough apart to swim between.

After the last rock, it is time to turn around and swim back along the inner edge. It is shallower here and the sunlight penetrating the surface enhances the colours of the corals and sponges. Brightly coloured fish, basking in the sun’s rays, file through the gaps between the rocks, as if tracing some ancient path.

About half-way back, dip into the cove around more big rocks but pay attention to your buoyancy if there is any swell.

In this shallow rocky area are urchins—spiny and slate urchins as well as West Indian sea eggs. They all look rather different despite having in common spines protuding from a round hard shell. They are worth a closer look but beware, the spines are very painful.

Back on the boat the brown boobies look relieved that they have only learned to skin dive and do not have to suffer the encumbrance of tanks and BCDs.

Thanks to Chris of Reef Link Divers.
Puerto Rico sample dive site map
Outer Limit
5' - 55'

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