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The island of Montserrat falls within the area covered by this volume. Before the island’s volcano became active in 1996, there was a dive store and several dive sites. Now, the main town has been destroyed along with hotels and tourist facilities.

Until the volcano stabilises no one will know how Montserrat reefs have been affected by the pyroclastic flows that have run off the land into the water.

Consequently, we have not included information for Montserrat.


HOT NEWS Updated October 2000

Montserrat continues to attract visitors to the island despite the active volcanism that has dominated the island’s development over the past few years. Wolf Krebs, owner and manager of the Sea Wolf Diving School in Montserrat for the last eight years, is adamant that Montserrat has great diving to offer and much more besides.Our island is only in part affected by the volcano. We still have lush mountain forests for hiking and luxury vacation villas for rental. And we can offer the spectacle of an active volcano, which can be observed from a safe distance.”

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