Martinique Nightlife

Martinique is large enough to support quite a number of entertainers who often do the circuit of all the hotels, so something different is going on every night. One group, called the Martinique Ballet, puts on dance shows in traditional costume, depicting life in the times of the big plantations and slavery.

These shows are free to hotel guests and outsiders can sit in, though in the smarter hotels there is often a cover charge.

The Meridien in Anse Mitan has a small casino, and for those feeling lucky,

For later night dancing, there are several discos around Fort de France, and many of the larger hotels have their own small discos. Except in all-inclusive hotels like Club Med, visitors can go to these for a cover charge.

Le Cheyenne, Schoelcher (596) 61 04 33
New Hippo, Schoelcher (596) 61 84 87
l’Alcatraz, Fort de France (596) 71 90 43
Le Queens, Fort de France (596) 61 49 49
Manhattan, Fort de France (596) 60 46 69
Casino Meridien (596) 66 00 30
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