Volume 3 - Purto Rico Area 3
The South East and Vieques

A horseshoe shaped reef lies 50 yards from a small ledge so that the two areas are dived as one site. Supplementing the site’s natural assets are a few of man’s contributions: a communications cable and two cannons.

With good local knowledge the dive boat can drop the anchor in the sand centre of the horseshoe. It is 60 feet on the sand and the sides of the horseshoe rise up 12 to 15 feet all around.

Dive Profile

As soon as the divers descend, green morays compete with spotted morays for the divers’ attention, extending their snake-like bodies in competition with the cables stretching across the top of the reef.

Swimming north across the reef is another smaller ledge. Following the cable means you cannot miss the cannon as it sits right at the edge of the ridge. West along the ledge is a cavern. You will be unlucky if you do not find a lobster tucked in this recess, or if not here then in one of the many other holes and crevices. Look out too for nurse sharks. Farther along the ledge is the second communications cable and as you come up over the reef you will see the second cannon.

Finishing the dive in 35 feet on top of the reef, there is a wealth of marine life to observe. And, this is one of those rare sites that lives up to its name—lobsters snuggle under overhangs and occasionally a brave one is seen taking a stroll over the reef. Do not expect to see large claws, Caribbean lobsters have long conical antennae and two sharp horns above the eyes.

Thanks to Patti of Blue Caribe.
Puerto Rico sample dive site map
Horseshoe and Lobster reef
35' - 60'

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