Volume 1 - Grenada

Grenada and Carriacou boast both the Caribbean's largest wreck dive (the Bianca C a 600-foot cruise liner) and, Isle de Ronde, the remotest and most dramatic dive area.

Grenada and Carriacou are very different islands so pick the one that suits you, or if you are smart you can move between them—see the book for more details.

Read descriptions of Grenada's 6 and Carriacou's 2 dive operators and 30 dive sites.

Checkout dive site 15 - The Wreck of the Bianca C

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  • 1 Carriacou Silver Diving
  • 2 Tanki's Watersports
  • 3 Starwind
  • 4 Sanvic's Watersports
  • 5 Dive Grenada
  • 6 Scuba World
  • 7 LaSource
  • 8 Scuba Express
  • 9 Aquanaut Grenada

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