Volume 3 - Purto Rico Area 5
The West, Mona, and Desecheo

A flat topped reef punctuated by sand patches gradually falls away to 80 feet. The site is called Candyland because of the proliferation of corals—crammed in like sweets in a candystore.

Candyland is a site that can be used when there are swells or waves making the north and west side of the island undivable.

Although the top of the reef looks pretty much the same all along, navigation is easy because the visibility is so good—just look for the dive boat.

Dive Profile

As we descend to the reef below the boat, Venus sea fans wave a welcome, directing us toward the reef slope. Between the fans and vase sponges a great variety of hard corals thrive. Boulder and star coral make up much of the mass but we see brain corals, flower and cup corals and patches of pillar coral.

As is generally the case with a healthy reef, there is a good variety of reef fish. Princess and stoplight parrotfish nibble at the coral along with longsnout butterflyfish. Black durgons hover above the reef, although occasionally we find one tucked into a hole in the reef. Equally well hidden are trumpetfish, hanging among the gorgonians waiting to unhinge that extraordinary jaw of theirs in order to inhale a passing meal.

Thanks to Jari of Taino Divers.
Puerto Rico sample dive site map
35' - 80'

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