Volume 3 - Puerto Rico Area 1
The North, San Juan and East Coast

The East coast is where San Juan dive stores take their tourist divers and where the dive stores in the vicinity of Fajardo dive. Dive sites off the east coast are around a series of small uninhabited islands—Palomino, Palominitos, and Cayo Diablo (see sample dive below) in particular. Bone white beaches lead to shallow reefs, some of which have been buoyed in order to minimise damage to the reef. Visibility is variable due to a combination of factors. Shallow sites with a fine sandy bottom are vulnerable to swells stirring up the sediment. Rainwater run-off from the mainland rain forests also affects these sites. Visibility is generally better in the summer but it can vary from day to day in the winter, with 50 feet one day and 25 feet the next.

One advantage of the area is that the sites around Palomino and Palominitos are a short boat ride away—generally 15 minutes or less—and Cayo Diablo, the farthest site takes 30 to 40 minutes by boat.

The other advantage of this area is that the sea state is generally calm making it ideal for divers. When there are big swells the dive boats can go to the lee side of the island where they are sheltered from the seas.

See the book for 25 pages describing this area’s 16 dive sites and 11 dive stores, plus lots of information about the island, après dive activities, diving rules and regulations and marine life.

Checkout dive site 10 - Cayo Diablo

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  • 3 Caribbean School of Aquatics
  • 4 Scubo Centro
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